To Our Clients, Friends, Colleagues, & Collaborators –

Wow, what a year we find ourselves in here in 2020. In addition to being the year of the coronavirus pandemic, Anthem Structural Engineers is also celebrating its 10th anniversary in business. While celebratory parties were previously planned, we clearly have all had to pivot…

So instead of being able to share a toast with you in person, we thought we would simply share with you our sincerest penned thanks. Thanks to you for your willingness to trust us with your projects, your willingness to grow with us on this business journey, and for the anticipated opportunity to continue to work with you in the years to come.

From opening our doors as a team of just the two of us, to now collaborating amongst a team of 14 people across two offices, we count ourselves incredibly lucky to have grown with such strength in these first ten years. In the next ten years to come, it is our hope that we can continue to increase our team size in order to better serve our clients, and to continue to invest in the education and skill of each one of our current teammates as well.

As two backbones of our business and our team culture, we will continue to work hard to improve our organization processes and communication skills each day. Whether working from home or the in-person office, we are committed to ensuring our clients always know our team is fully engaged in their projects. This year we will also begin the implementation of a formal client feedback program as we focus on our ever-expanding performance improvement goals.

After launching our second office in Steamboat Springs in 2018, we quickly expanded our virtual working options – and not a moment too soon. With teams collaborating from our two studios throughout the last two years, the big social distancing transition of March 2020 luckily came with great ease for us. Both offices continue to thrive, and collaborate today, and we feel tremendously grateful for the stability and strength with which we went into this important year.

What a journey we have found ourselves on, and what an unknown journey ahead of us, too. Thank you again for your partnership, your patience, and your loyalty on the ride. We simply would not be celebrating this milestone today without you.



Dan Knapp, P.E., CFM & Derek Henderson, P.E.