Marshmallow Team Challenge

At Anthem, we took some extra time at lunch and participated in a team challenge called the Marshmallow challenge.  The challenge was originated by Tom Wujec and information from him can be found here:

The object is:  in 18 minutes to build the tallest free standing structure with 20 spaghetti sticks, 1 yard of tape and 1 yard of string and one marshmallow.  The marshmallow must be atop the structure, and be able to stand without any outside support.  There are many benefits to the exercise, including determining how you work together as a team, assessing your own time management skills, and testing how you go about your design process, and use of prototypes.  In addition, to a group of engineers…it’s a challenge, which is always fun.

Enjoy looking at our teams’ process in pictures, and let us know what you think!

The final winners:  Team Dan, Ryan, and Eric!