Rudolf Oplatka,
Project Engineer

Rudolf Oplatka

Rudolf Oplatka, P.E.

Project Engineer

Rudolf joined the Anthem team in 2017 upon the completion of his master’s degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After identifying early on during his studies his proclivity toward calculus, it wasn’t long before he was introduced to the world of engineering design.

In his time at our firm, he has been involved on a wide variety of projects, spanning from single family home renovations to complex infrastructural design. For one recent assignment, he was able to develop a smart retaining wall design that allowed for the development of an entire new residential community in North Boulder. As a licenses Project Engineer, he actively manages projects for a variety of clients and also collaborates with our collective A-Team crew on larger commercial assignments. He generates unique structural models for each assignment and impresses clients with his ability to solve seemingly difficult structural challenges.

In addition to his project design responsibilities, he also serves as a leader within our team in developing ever-improving calculation tools to help our entire staff consistently incorporate best practices into their designs.

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