Sheela Vedula, Project Engineer

Sheela Vedula

Sheela Vedula, E.I.

Design Engineer

Sheela joined the Anthem team in the Summer of 2019 following the completion of her Master’s Degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder. A native of California, Sheela discovered her love for structural engineering through understanding and studying the complex seismic conditions of her home community near the San Andreas fault line.

Throughout her studies and professional training, Sheela has been an avid volunteer, applying her bright, engineering mind to the structural integrity of beautiful regions around the world. In California, she led a group of student and staff volunteers to help clean up, revitalize and preserve the structures in Poly Canyon, San Luis Obispo. In Kathmandu she worked on important recovery efforts following the 2015 Nepali earthquake. And after moving to Colorado, traveled to the Philippines to develop resources to aid in the seismic retrofit of at-risk structures.

In addition to her work with Anthem, and her focused pursuit of the integration of sustainability within structural design, Sheela has grown a deep love for Colorado through her personal pursuit of nature photography. And when trapped indoors, she has grown a passion for bowling, now often hitting the lanes twice a week!

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